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What is Spyware and Ways to Getting Rid of it
What is Spyware and Ways to Getting Rid of it

Have you ever seen any advertisement while surfing the Internet or buying something online or making any transactions?
Absolutely, the answer is YES.
You do not have an idea how dangerous they can be, some of them appear not just as an advertisement only, behind that some viruses are programmed by programmers and yes, SPYWARE is one of them.

Spyware, as the name only defines it, is a software especially designed to spy on our activities while surfing the Internet or performing any work. Probably it is designed to access our personal information whatsoever is there on a computer. It collects our confidential data like email passwords, credit card numbers and PINs. It also monitors or tracks our activities while browsing. It can modify our files and documents which we’ve saved in our PCs. Also, it can leak our sensitive information to some other parties.

How do they get into our systems?

Nowadays, we all are very frequent on the Internet and do most of our work online which increases the chances of viruses to get injected into our systems. 

Here are the ways by which the viruses get into our systems:-

Problems we face because of the Spyware -

Protecting Yourself from Spyware -

Spyware is not a big problem, ignorance is. Spyware and other viruses are always dangerous for us, but to avoid these problems you’ve to be alert every time.