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What is Brute Force Attack?
What is Brute Force Attack?

A trial-and-error method that is used to obtain information like user password or personal identification number (PIN) is termed as Brute Force Attack. In this attack, automated software is used to generate a large number of continuous guesses as per the value of the desired data. Cyber criminals can use this brute force attack to crack encrypted data. Even security analysts can use it to test an organization's network security.

This attack may also be referred to as brute force cracking. Commonly, it is a cryptography attack which does not attempt to decode any information.

For example, a dictionary attack is a form of brute force attack in which hacker might try to gain the access to the account with the help of all the words in a dictionary. Other forms of brute force attack might consider commonly-used passwords or combinations of letters and numbers.

Characteristics of Brute Force Attacks

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There are few characteristics of brute force attacks that a hacker should know:

1.This attack is time and resources consuming. It can take several hours to try the methods of decoding.

2.The success of Brute force attack is based on computing power, and the number of combinations worked rather than an original algorithm.

3.It is the simplest kind of method to gain access to any user's account or site.

4.These attacks might cause server problems, and you may find your server running out of memory.

How to Protect Yourself from Brute Force

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You can easily protect yourself from the Brute Force attacks by following the below-mentioned points:
1. Don’t use the standard username “Admin”: The majority of attacks comes to the people who are still using the username 'admin'. It is the most common and natural to assume for the attacker. Due to this, many systems are vulnerable. If you are still using this username, avoid it as soon as possible and delete your record as admin and enter new account and username.

2. Use high strength passwords: Generate good passwords that are hard for other people to guess and thus, makes it tough for an attacker to succeed. Avoid short password, or any permutation related to your personal details. By generating two-step authentication password, it can help you to protect your content and confidential data in account or website.

3. Add Plugins: There are many plugins available on the Internet to limit the number of password login attempts made on the site. Alternatively, there are also many plugins that are used to block people from accessing admin zone altogether.   

4. Protect your server: Lock your server panel with protection like complex password, mod security, etc. and while doing this you may find a 404, 401 error, so to avoid that use following codes for “.htaccess file”.

(error_page 401 error_page http://example.com/forbidden.html;)

5. Fail2Ban: This is a Python daemon that runs in the background and uses a filter called 'regular expression' to check the log files generated by Apache. If that regular expression happens consecutively, it can block that IP-address for some hours. Installation and set up of Fail2ban require root access.

6. Block-lists: Most brute force attacks are hosted from known countries like Ukraine, Russia, etc. You can select to block IP-addresses that originate from these countries. You can find the blocking legitimate users from the Internet, and with the help of shell-scripting, you can load block rules with IP tables. Remember setting up of block-lists and IP tables requires root access.

7. Cloud/Proxy Services: Services like Sucuri Cloud Proxy and CloudFlare can also help to avoid suspension by blocking the IPs of attackers before they reach your server.

8. Using Captcha: It is an entirely automated test to set robotic devices and humans apart. CAPTCHA is a program that allows you to distinguish between humans and computers. CAPTCHAs are quite useful in avoiding any automated abuse, including brute-force attacks. They work by presenting some image and voice test that is easy for humans to pass but difficult for machines to access; therefore, the captcha concludes with some certainty whether there is a person on the other side or not.

So, be careful and protect yourself from Brute-force attack by following simple steps. For more information about the security and data protection, stay updated with Sniper Corporation.