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The Trojan.Agent is a member of Trojan virus family, which is infecting thousands of PCs every day. It could have an unwanted or harmful effect on your PC. It secretly enters to your computer via spam emails, freeware downloads, free software updates, and infected websites. It may download other harmful software components to your system without your consent. Furthermore, the invading of Trojan.Agent to your system may lead to the injurious effect on your PC. It is most likely downloaded and installed by another application that you are downloading from the Internet for some useful purpose. It runs numerous harmful tasks in the background which may degrade the performance of the entire system.

Sr.No Name Type
1 NOTEPAD.EXE UnSpecified
2 ph.exe UnSpecified
3 35068387a587d8b58f8d0a1620e63eb0.exe UnSpecified
4 zmmiwn.scr UnSpecified
5 b0ec5f5730df9e4b6d7e9865db44bc20.virus UnSpecified
6 virussign.com_b0d18917610f34019fe020d7a86e0e70.vir UnSpecified
7 a1d78608add0344e207f354b1c8c36c0.exe UnSpecified
8 a1d14691cec7230faebe7693463603c0.exe UnSpecified
9 a1d1989ce3e59415e0a69194a3f1a280.exe UnSpecified
10 virussign.com_9d9d778dcf1416d8ee859302d3933c60.vir UnSpecified
11 msnmsgr.exe UnSpecified
12 virussign.com_9d1a5b289cb7037dfcd8081e476082f0.vir UnSpecified
13 virussign.com_84824ee155a434ae33c3f88713776370.vir UnSpecified
14 6d3bd40dd6882d6c1a2225e340cf18f0.exe UnSpecified
15 storePwd.exe UnSpecified
16 apple.exe UnSpecified
17 0000ec779f094addde2eac73fe946cc0.exe UnSpecified
18 Setup2.exe UnSpecified
19 Setup.exe UnSpecified
20 icedragon.exe UnSpecified
21 bim.exe UnSpecified
22 llop(1).exe UnSpecified
23 tmp1415.exe UnSpecified
24 Clientmanager.exe UnSpecified
25 GTA.exe UnSpecified
26 GTA.exe UnSpecified
27 HYvy.exe UnSpecified
28 BaraAsba.exe UnSpecified
29 document 72662 pdf.exe UnSpecified
30 output.92536418.txt UnSpecified
31 ALFA.exe UnSpecified
32 LegendCraft.exe UnSpecified
33 SKMBT_C22416041913450.exe UnSpecified
34 sbgak.exe UnSpecified
35 lasahoya.exe UnSpecified
36 AdobeAirUpdater.exe UnSpecified
37 hanter.exe UnSpecified
38 Adobe_Flash.exe UnSpecified
39 setup.exe UnSpecified
40 WinRAR.exe UnSpecified
41 icwres32.exe UnSpecified
42 emule.exe UnSpecified
43 dulebas.exe UnSpecified
44 E-Statement.exe UnSpecified
45 datav.exe UnSpecified
46 83f2235a378929d194ecf7f67f2e2e78 UnSpecified

Major Problems Triggered by Trojan.Agent:

Here are some annoying problems caused by Trojan.Agent to your system:

Although, the Trojan.Agent connects to the Internet by itself and builds a connection with the harmful remote server to help other malicious threats to cause more security exploits to your system.

Steps you can use against Trojan.Agent:

If you do not want to bear the troubles caused by Trojan.Agent, you need to delete this virus immediately from your system. Removal of Trojan.Agent manually is not impossible but quite a difficult task.

Follow the below steps to remove Trojan.Agents:

Step: 1- Change the system’s folder settings to show all hidden files

Users using Windows 7 or Vista

Users using Windows 8

Step: 2- Delete the files related to Trojan.Agent in hidden folders listed below:

(Note- The files may appear with different name on your computer, so please do not delete any file, if you cannot find out the files listed above)

Step: 3- Remove the registry files related to Trojan.Agent listed below:

To remove the registry files, first Open the Registry Editor.

**Users using Windows 7 or Vista

Users using Windows 8

Step: 1- Remove all infected registry files related to Trojan.Agent, below is the list:

(Note- The files may appear with different name on your computer, so don’t delete any file, if you cannot find out the files listed above)

Manual Removal may need advanced skills. So, if you can’t find the Trojan.Agent files correctly; you can download a free antivirus software which is available on the website- www.snipercorporation.com to eliminate all the Trojan.Agent and other related viruses.

Sniper free antivirus software also helps in scanning the documents and the entire system to protect your system against harmful infections.