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Top Facebook Scams and Tips to Keep Your Account Safe
Top Facebook Scams and Tips to Keep Your Account Safe

Facebook has more than 1.3 million users and is one of the largest social networking websites which makes it a hacker’s paradise. Hackers post many scams on Facebook targeting to acquire user data and access into the victims computer system. As Facebook encourages sharing, one post can be used to target a large number of audience.

Once clicked, these post can install virus into your computer and steal your information. You would have probably seen these types of post in your News Feed. Here are some of the top Facebook scams that you surely must have encountered. 

Free Give-Away

The easiest way to fool Facebook user is to give them a tempting giveaway. Who doesn’t like free?
You might see scams for free I-phones, X box, and Play stations. To get these giveaways, you have to fill up a survey and enter your personal information. This user data is collected by the malicious programmers and is sold to different advertising companies. Some surveys can also install malware programon your computer system.

Viral Videos

Most of us have gone through viral video news feed on Facebook. These videos are as tempting as a giveaway. Whenever you click on these videos, a dialogue box appears and ask you to download an additional player to watch the video.

This video player is none other than a virus. Once installed, this program can cause slow down of your computer, load your browser with a lot of advertisements, and can even steal your personal information. 

Who Viewed Your Profile

According to Facebook, no app or software can see or analyze Facebook’s data. The post you see to know who viewed your profiles are just scam or a prank. According to our studies, more than 30 percent of the scams linked to Facebook use these tactics.

Custom Profile

Another popular scam on Facebook is to change your profile color. A famous version was the Facebook Black scam. These software ask you for your permission to visit and modify your profile. If you do so, you give access to malicious programmers to view and steal your personal data and information.

Want to be a safe user?

Here are some of the tips you must follow to keep your account secure from these scams-

Hopefully, the above-stated tips will help you keep your Facebook account safe. Have a happy social networking!

Infomation Source: Sniper Corporation | Free Antivirus