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The Right Way to Write Down Passwords
The Right Way to Write Down Passwords

Passwords are the key to your accounts. If mishandled, then they can be used to retrieve your information. It is the weakest point in the  security of your account. The password has to be strong.

So the question is, how can you make a strong password? These are some of the techniques which you should give a try to make your password more stronger. Combining some of these techniques can lead to generation of a more strong password

Some of the good password managers available in the market are-Dashlane

Some of the common passwords that user’s choose are as follows-   

  1. password
  2. 12345678
  3. qwerty
  4. football
  5. 111111

These are some of the mistakes everyone makes while selecting a password that you should not do.

Why Choosing a strong password is necessary?

A hacking program can try a full set of characters in less than 60 seconds. So a combination of different sets leads to increase of calculation time to guess your password. By this, you force a hacker to try every possible combination that is available. Here is the calculation of the number of characters and the possible combinations that can be made from these characters.

So more number of characters means more security to your account. So always a password with more characters and combination of different sets should be selected. 

Change your password today and choose a strong and reliable password with the help of above tips. STAY SAFE.

Information Source: Sniper Corporation | Download Free Antivirus for PC