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Spear Phishing: What It Is And Ways To Prevent It.
Spear Phishing: What It Is And Ways To Prevent It.

Spear phishing...No, you got it wrong. It’s not a sport or a game...it is a scam and you are the target fish. You must be aware of the phishing attacks in which emails or advertisements are created and sent by the cyber criminals to fool and trick the computer user to acquire sensitive information about them. Users get tricked by these eye-candy emails and pass their username and passwords on these websites resulting in loss of sensitive information to the malicious programmers. 

Spear Phishing is a more targeted version of this attack. Instead of sending mails to many million people, cyber criminals targets individual or business. In this type of attack, an email is arrived to a computer user with credentials of an individual that you know.

How It Works-
The cyber criminals research on their targeted individual on social networking websites like LinkedIN, Facebook and Myspace. Based on this research, the criminals create an email from a close relative of the target victim. This emails seems to be relevant to the victim and he clicks on it. 

The email can be used to fool or trick the victim in two ways

How to protect yourself?
Here are some of the ways by which you can protect yourself from Spear Phishing-