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Sniper Total Security 2017 lets you enjoy secure online transactions in order to protect your banking and confidential information.

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Total Security Antivirus For Your Computer

Introduced by Sniper Corporation, Sniper total security is an upgrade version of our free antivirus. It is a combination of Internet security service, Antivirus and some optimization tools, aimed at providing you enhanced security and protection to your computer side by side increasing the performance of your PC. Sniper is one of the reliable security companions. It provides complete protection to your personal computer from the attack of malware, trojans, virus, keyloggers, spyware, adware, worms and emerging online threats. It also provides some enhanced tools which helps in making your computer perform better and faster. Safe banking is guaranteed when you use sniper total security. It provide measures to stop the malicious programmers to carry any intrusion while you make an online transaction. It comes with a Multi-layer protection mechanism to secure you from any type of malicious attack. Sniper Total Security 2017 comes with a simplistic and aesthetic user interface which provides you completely satisfying and pleasant user experience and helps you to take fast and appropriate actions against any virus intrusion. It also comes with exceptional features like PC cleaner which not only boost and optimize your computer performance but also clear the memory which is occupied by the junk files, cookies and web browsing history providing more free space to you. Sniper Total Security 2017provides you with Parental control feature by which you can track your child activities and control the amount of time they spend on the internet. It comes with three power-pack custom scan options namely quick scan, scheduled scan and core protection scan which you can use accordingly to provide your computer a virus free environment. It also supports right click scan by which you can scan any directory or file that is present in your hard drive. The total security 2017 has an up-to-date database and provides daily updates for virus definitions to provide complete security to your system from any emerging virus attack. It silently downloads the updates whenever your computer connects to any network without disturbing you. It also comes with a real-time protection mechanism which monitors your computer when any file is opened, copied or modified. It monitors your system continuously to check if any file or programs behave like a virus. If any file is found acting like a virus, the file is immediately blocked, and full system is carried out to check if any other file has contaminated. Sniper Total Security will provide your Personal computer an uncompromised protection against virus and cyber attack. So what are you waiting for? Buy and experience the next level of security.

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  • “Sniper Total Security”
    Anmol Pansari

    I was so frustrated in using my laptop because it was not responding constructively and I was so unsatisfied by the installed free antivirus software. Once I was surfing the Internet, and got the name of Sniper Antivirus. After installing the Sniper Total Security, my laptop works really fast and I recommend this software to all my friends.

    “Sniper Total Security”
    Vishal Rathod

    I never ever have noticed my PC to work this much faster. This is just because of the Sniper Total Security, I’ve installed it just a few weeks ago and the performance of the my PC suddenly got improved. Highly Appreciated! Thank You!! Sniper Team for making this software

    “Sniper Total Security”
    Sumeet Sharma

    I’m a regular Internet User, and I thank to Sniper Total Security to protect my entire data on my PC. Earlier, I have used three antivirus softwares but none of them satisfied me completely. So, one of my friends recommended me the Sniper Total Security antivirus software and after using this, I feel so secured.