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Secure your system from the Malicious cerber3 attack!!
Secure your system from the Malicious cerber3 attack!!

The website for the very popular and affordable software, which facilitates remote desktop sharing and administration from anywhere in the world at the super reasonable charge, the Ammyy Admin Website, has recently been hacked by the sordid Cerber3 ransomware. 

The website has been distributing the malware for the seventh time since the past year. On analyzing the matter to the deepest detail, it was found that anyone who attempted to download the software from the ammyy admin official site, got “encrypted.exe” file attached with the original executable file, which is “AA_v3.exe”. When this suspicious download is executed, the cerber3 ransomware file also gets executed. The latest version of Cerber is uncrackable for the time being and its encrypts all your personal files. You will see that all your files have been appended with “.cerber3” extension, and they do not open anymore. 

The trouble does not end here, Cerber3 even deletes the shadow copies of the file, so that the recovery is not possible at all. So all you are left with is to pay them some money so that yo can get they can give you the decryption key and breach the security of your device. The initial ransom amount is 0.7154-bitcoins, but if you delay the payment You might see the ransom amount increasing up to 1.4308-bitcoins, which is just the double amount within four days.

So, in order to secure yourself from such malicious encryption attack, make sure your antivirus has a crypt guard facility in it. As soon as that antivirus suspects the encryption process, it immediately stops the unwanted encryption and tries to protect your files as far as possible. You can download free antivirus facility, or you can even purchase the fully guaranteed total security so that no such attack can breach your privacy, and all your crucial files remain intact forever.