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Not Even The Facebook’s CEO Is Safe. Safeguard Your Social Accounts Now!
Not Even The Facebook’s CEO Is Safe. Safeguard Your Social Accounts Now!

Yes, you got it right, the person behind the biggest social networking website Facebook, got tricked by a group of hackers named “OurMine”. 

Some of the Facebook Inc. CEO’s social media account were hijacked on Sunday. The attackers posted some messages from these sites to prove that they have hacked Mark Zuckerberg’s account. This created a buzz over the internet.

 In this cyber attack, Facebook CEO’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts were compromised. However, OurMine Team has also claimed a hack over Zuck’s Instagram account, although Facebook denied to this fact. There is still no evidence of hijack of his Instagram account. 

According to the hackers, they were able to get into Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest account by using the same password of his LinkedIN account. Around 157 million LinkedIN accounts were hacked by Peace in the past few days and it appears that Zuckerberg was among the people whose passwords were exposed in the LinkedIN breach. 

The hacker group “OurMine ” revealed that Mark Zuckerberg’s LinkedIN, Pinterest, and Twitter account passwords were same. The password for all these accounts was “dadada” as disclosed by the hacker group. It seems like Facebook CEO is too lazy to follow his own company’s security tip. Facebook’s first security tip is “Don’t use your Facebook password anywhere else online.” At least his Facebook account was not hacked. Phewwww..!

According to the screenshots grabbed by @Ben_Hall, the “OurMine” team posted a tweet from Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter handle saying “Hey, @finkd You were in LinkedIn Database with the password “dadada”! DM for proof…”Zuckerberg isn’t a heavy Twitter user. His last tweet was from the year 2012. After this attack, Twitter temporarily has shut down mark’s twitter account and after deleting the tweets posted by the hacker group, Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter handle was made available. 

Things We Can Learn From this Security Breach

These were some of the steps which everyone should follow to avoid any attack from the hackers as it is always said: “It is better to be safe than sorry.”

Infomation Source: Sniper Corporation | Free Antivirus for PC