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Real-Time Scanning: Antivirus Advance Feature
Real-Time Scanning: Antivirus Advance Feature

Computer systems are most appropriate devices to work in daily life. They carry the complete data, information, and confidential documentaries relevant to the workplace, or personal. Therefore, to protect the system, and to wrap its security in a particular environment is a must for every user. Being a technical or regular user, it is essential to know about a security software and Its advanced features. If we take the basic characteristics of an antivirus software, then we can specify Protection, PC Cleaning, USB detection, Scheduled Scan, and Updates. On the other hand, if we consider the advance ones there are few editions to the primary ones like Real-Time scanning, and Secure Delete. 

Now, what is real-time scan? It is the Real-time protection provided by most antivirus, anti-spyware, and other anti-malware programs. We can also call it as on-access scanning, background guard, resident shield, and auto-protect. 
Real-time scan feature of an antivirus monitors computer systems for suspicious activity such as computer viruses, online threats and other malicious objects in 'real-time'. In other words, it detects the data file loaded into the computer's active memory: when opening an email, while USB copying, or browsing the Internet, or when a file present on the computer is opened or executed. 

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Issues With Real-Time Scan

Although, real-time scan secures the PC/Laptop on a suitable online base from viruses, malware, Trojans, etc. But, it can also create issues some of the times that can affect the working of the user on a computer system. Running (the real-time protection on the system can degrade performance and create conflicts. If you look at the concept of multi-scanning in real time, several companies have created applications which can run multiple engines concurrently. Real-time scanning can even create problems at the time of online transactions, and if as a user, you trust a site for your personal purpose there can be issue with that. More often, it also detects the issues that are already solved which create a confusion for the user to sort it out. 


Cope Up With Online scanning

It is sometimes necessary to temporarily disable real-time protection when installing major updates such as Windows Service Packs or updating graphics card drivers. Active real-time protection may partially or completely prevent the installation of a major update. 

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Even the functionality of a few online programs can be hampered by active real-time scanning. For example, if you are downloading songs or game from the website source that is genuine for you, but not for the anti-virus software. And, your real-time scanning is on, then it can create a conflict of disregarding the download or even can stop the access to the file. Therefore, on-access feature of an antivirus should be disabled or turned off to take a full charge on the computer system. 

Hence, if you are working with an advanced antivirus software make sure that you work wisely, whether on offline base or on-access base. Carry your self opinion also towards the real-time security of the computer system to work even better. For more security updates, stay in touch with Sniper Corporation to protect your system at par.