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Why the Most People Don't Realize the Importance of Antivirus
Why the Most People Don't Realize the Importance of Antivirus

Everyone wants to make their computer system faster, smoother and more secure. In order to keep your computer safe and secure, you need an antivirus that provides you total Internet security from various online threats. Still, most of the people don't realize the importance of antivirus due to a lot of myths about the existing threats and antivirus. 

Being a computer user, you need to understand that the firewall can not protect your PC or laptop from Malware, Trojan, and spyware. We are not recommending you to disable the firewall. You must keep it enabled at all the time to protect your system from the insecure network. We aim to provide you with the misconceptions related to the antivirus:

1st myth: Antivirus slows down your Computer System

Most people think that the antivirus slows down the performance of computer system, but it is not a case. The fact is that, after any antivirus scanner has been performed on your computer, it is loaded into the computer's memory each time the system boots. It is done to protect your system from various online threats. When any application loads into memory including antivirus, it consumes some part of the total memory available to the PC or laptop. If your system doesn't have enough memory space, it may slow down your PC and affect its overall performance.

2nd myth: I just reinstalled windows and removed viruses from my PC

If you are reinstalling Windows on your PC after a virus infected to get your files from a backup drive, but it's not possible. After reinstalling the Windows, your files will be infected all over again. To prevent such problems, make sure that you have an antivirus software installed and enabled in your PC. Make sure your data have been scanned and are free from malware, spyware, and other online threats after an infection.

3rd myth: Viruses are created by the Antivirus companies

This conspiracy is driven by the fact that while testing most antivirus companies design viruses to examine their protection platforms. But, the truth is that cyber attackers always try to be a step ahead of antivirus programs in order to steal data and money from computer users. The cyber criminals spent most of their time making latest viruses to attack your computer system. We recommend you to install a trustworthy antivirus in your PC or laptop for better protection.

Viruses, spyware, trojan, and other Malware may harm your PC or laptop. They can hijack your browser, push advertising, and crash your computer. Still, there are several myths about the viruses and ways to overcome them. However, you need to understand the importance of antivirus. 

If you are looking forward to buy a trusted total security antivirus or download free antivirus, then you have come to the right place. We at Sniper Corporation provide the most reliable and effective protection from all types of online threats.