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Mamba Ransomware: The new crypt-o-viral threat to your complete disc
Mamba Ransomware: The new crypt-o-viral threat to your complete disc

Mamba is an agile venomous African snake with the Paralyzing Poison, and similar is the effect of this new ransomware namely Mamba Ransomware which disguises itself as a legitimate file and then infects the hard disk and encrypt it completely. If the entire data gets encrypted once, then they demand some bitcoin payment if you want to recover your data back. But to take the condition to an even worse level, it is said that if Mamba Ransomware once encrypts your data, then even if you are willing to negotiate with the crooks, your data can not be recovered at all!! This is because this ransomware is not reliable and many times, unrecoverable. 

Mamba Malware encrypts the full disc with the help of an open source tool called DiskCryptor to encrypt the data strongly. After that, it hinders the operating system from performing the rebooting process. It overwrites the master book program, and when the computer starts up, it prompts the user about the decryption key. Now, even if you remove the hard disk and then try to run it on another machine, it won’t undo until and unless you make some payment to the crooks. 

Another alternative is to buy another hard disc, which is fine, but the loss of important data is heart-wrenching.
Up till today, there is only two such ransomware that has attempted this approach of attacking the crucial data; one is Petya, and the other one is Mamba Ransomware. Although Petya has also succeeded in creating havoc across the continents, Mamba cheats the data to another level, by scrambling the shared files, personal data, the operating system and almost all applications also. Therefore, it is very crucial to be well aware of these looming threats so that your data remains intact. To counteract to this HDD-encoding ransomware, you will have to take help of some powerful anti-ransomware tools and some professional experts.

The above information can be helpful for you to understand the threat and intrusion vectors better, also to know about the recovery of your lost data, you can take the help of internet. But all that will never happen, if you have an efficient antivirus installed on your computer that can cease such encryption and preserve the backups of your crucial data.