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Malware: What is it and Practices to Remove it
Malware: What is it and Practices to Remove it

Internet is playing a very important role in everyone’s life, as the usage of the Internet is increasing day by day; the hackers, different types of viruses and fraudsters are also increasing with the same flow. 

Malware (short term for malicious software); earlier it was known as a computer virus. It is a software intentionally designed to damage a computer system. Once it gets enter to a computer, it can destroy your important files and modify some documents. Thus, it is very harmful for your computer.

Following are some activities done by Malware-

Most common types of malware include the following -

- Spyware: It is designed to spy on activities which you’re performing on your computer systems or while surfing the Internet. This can access your sensitive information like email passwords, credit cards details and more, after getting all the necessary information, some fraudsters can use them against you.
- Adware: It automatically shows pop-up windows or ads and also delivers unwanted advertisements and by clicking on them, you allow them to enter into your system. 
- Ransomware: This usually damages or encrypts files on your computer or hard drives.
- Trojan horses: It is mainly developed to hack your systems by tricking you to download files from Internet, collects all your useful or important information and spread or use it for various purposes.

Thus, malware is dangerous for you and also for your computer systems. Now, how do you get to know that malware is infecting your systems or taking some serious actions against your documents or files that are being saved in your PCs?

Here are some symptoms to judge about whether malware is infecting your system or not-

If you’re finding any of the above-mentioned symptoms, then you should know the practices to remove them immediately from your computer system.

Practices to prevent or remove Malware-

Malware can be of any type; some need special treatment methods whereas some don't. Following are some points that can use to prevent a computer system from Malware-

Hope, this can help you in doing safe browsing and make you aware of Malware.