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How to Remove a Virus from a Computer that won’t boot?
How to Remove a Virus from a Computer that won’t boot?

Many a time, some malware infect a computer to such a degree that the user could not even start it. In such situations, it becomes extremely difficult for users to remove the malicious software, and the only option they can think about is formatting the hard disk. If such is the case with you, then drop the idea of formatting as of now. Perhaps, you will need to format the system but before that, it is worth a try to attempt the following suggestions.

Use Safe Mode Booting

The traditional way of dealing with such malwares includes booting via safe mode. If you are using Windows 7 or the earlier versions of the same, you need to tap ‘F8’ key repeatedly while starting your PC. And if your OS is Windows 8 or any higher version, press the Window key with I. After that click select the Restart option while press-holding the Shift key. In both the cases, you will be presented with a specific window where you can change the startup settings. Click on the Safe Mode option and press enter.

When you successfully start your PC with the safe mode. Run your Antivirus software on it. Though in safe mode you can only use the minimal features of the system, your antivirus software must be able to detect the malware hidden in the less accessible parts of your disk. Scan your PC and repair all the infected files. After that, restart your PC in the normal mode and see if your PC is working appropriately. If not, then the only option left to you is to use the antivirus boot CD.

Use the Antivirus boot CD

Many of the Antivirus companies sell antivirus boot disks. You can boot your computer using the disk, and it will automatically detect and remove the malware that has affected your PC. (If you do not have the boot CD, you can easily create one yourself by using a CD-burn software). To successfully accomplish it, you will need to change the boot settings of your PC. For that, you need to press a startup key (most prominent ones are ESC, F1, F2, F8, and F10) while starting the computer. The BIOS setup page will open on which you will have to change the priority of boot hardware. Alter the ‘First Boot Device’ to the ‘CDROM’ option. Now press the appropriate button for Save and Exit (mostly F10). After that, your PC will restart and execute the antivirus utility. Then you just need to follow the wizard steps.

Though one of the either options must have worked for you, if that is not the case, you will have to re-install the operating system. Moreover, if the malware that has infected the booting process of your PC is a boot-sector virus, you will need to format the entire disk. Though the recovery options in such cases are quite limited, having technicians advise would be well-worth it.

You could have saved yourself from all these circumstances if you have had an updated antivirus installed on your PC. Well, it’s never too late to begin something. So, download free antivirus now, and enjoy a hassle-free computer experience.