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Easy ways to optimize your password’s strength
Easy ways to optimize your password’s strength

The incidents you see in the news, television, society, your nearby places etc. are needless to say the requirement of password and security to your system, phones or tablets. Increasing crimes keeps on alarming people time and again to maintain their privacy and manage their accounts with the most confidential passwords. So to feel secure and to keep your information confidential and intact you need to have a very strong password.

Easily accessible passwords should be avoided :

What makes a strong password:-

Brute force attack is another threat :

Accentuate the strength of your Password :
Passwords being one of the most reliable source of keeping your data, pictures and information personal, you should be very keen and observant while creating them. Checking the strength of your password is one of the best option. The easiest and the most trustworthy way to find out the durability and strength of your password helps you to check on the privacy of your system. This can be done in a few simple steps. 

Lets understand this with an example : Neha Sabarwal gives Ne + wal = Newal

You can manage your password as much as you want but remembering them is one of the most important thing. Saving them at the right places will always help you . And a Strong password assures your security.

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