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Beware of hackers and their Phishing attacks
Beware of hackers and their Phishing attacks

The fundamental dignity of every user is to have the computer Systems that are protected and secured with licensed software. Protection from harmful components is a very crucial matter to solve. As it is well said, ‘Protection is better than cure' but, from what type of attacks a PC/Laptop must be protected? The answer is not that complicated; the computer system should be well sustainable from Phishing attacks, malware, viruses and other harmful threats. 

Phishing attacks originally referred to ‘account thefts’ and an example of social engineering. They are types of online scams aiming to acquire sensitive information of users like passwords, account information, and indirectly money, often for malicious reasons. The hackers perform phishing by masquerading as a trustworthy website or source over the Internet to attack the solicited victim. It is very popular among the cyber criminals to trick someone into clicking a malicious link through email or website. 

Phishing attacks and their Types:  

How can you stay protected?
Variable phishing attacks can make you also a victim by harming your confidential information, but you can protect yourself from phishing by few simple techniques: 

To get even more secured with phishing attacks, check out the above images that will help you to get aware about attacks and be safe from cyber criminals over the Internet. 

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