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A Backdoor Agent is a malicious computer application that invades the system secretly and allows hackers to remotely access the computer system by exploiting the system vulnerabilities. Once, the hackers enter into the system; they can modify the documents, delete files, steal sensitive information and allow some other infections to enter into the targeted system.

Sr.No Name Type
1 7C7EFB8EFBDE7096B9E0ADC9E72F22D0.vir UnSpecified
2 a1d57e1f4b76602148fd5d69cd16d980 UnSpecified
3 doc.exe UnSpecified

How do Backdoor Agents infiltrate into the system:

Backdoor Agents are dangerous for your PC. Below are some major ways how Backdoors get into the system:

Impacts of Backdoor Agents onto your System:

Once activated, Backdoor Agents can perform the various dangerous program in the background. Below are some common problems caused by the Backdoor Agents:

Remove the Backdoor Agents:

There are many Backdoor Agents, performing numerous harmful activities in the background to infect your system. Backdoor.Win32.Agent.vsr is one of the examples of Backdoor Agents.
Now the question is, how to remove Backdoor.Win32.Agent.vsr from the computer?

Remove Computer Worms Using Sniper Antivirus:

  1. Download Free Antivirus Software for Windows XP,7,8,8.1 and 10.
  2. Install the exe file on your system.
  3. Full Scan your Computer.
  4. Once the scan is finished, you’ll get the message “scan is complete”. Click OK button to get the results.
  5. Then Delete the threat from table.

Here are several steps which you can use to remove the Backdoor.Win32.Agent.vsr manually:

Before proceeding with the removal process, you are required to unhide the hidden files created by Backdoor.Win32.Agent.vsr first, so that you can clean-up its entire files and entries.

Follow the below guide to unhide the files:

Guide for users using Windows 8:

Follow the below guide to remove the program files of Backdoor Agents:

You have unhide the program files of Backdoor.Win32.Agent.vsr successfully. Now to remove them permanently from the system, follow the below steps:

Follow the simple steps to remove Backdoor.Win32.Agent.vsr from the Registry

There are a lot of different Backdoors, and it is hard to remove them all from your PC by using a manual process. To protect your system from Backdoors and other associated malicious program, you should download an antivirus software from the website- www.snipercorporation.com.
Sniper Antivirus Software is also available in free version, so you can download it and scan your system on the daily basis to kick out all the viruses from your PC.