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All You Need To Know About Ransomware
All You Need To Know About Ransomware

Ransomware is a type of malware program, focused at kidnapping or stealing someone’s computer data and preventing the victim from accessing their own system. For freeing your data from this Malware attack, victim or the user have to pay a ransom money to access the blocked data.

Ransomware targets your computer through e-mail attachments, advertisements and malicious websites. A Ransomware is also known as Cryptovirus, Cryptotrojan or Cryptoworm.

If a Ransomware is executed inside the computer system, then it can lead to 

The FBI released two cover stories to guide and spread awareness to the computer users about widespread of Ransomware malware and how to avoid this attack. According to FBI, the Ransomware programmers or the criminals are earning an amount of around $150 million per year from these scams. These are the most dangerous Ransomware that can be seen circulating on the internet.

Here are some of the techniques or ways in which you can prevent your system from Ransomware attack-

These steps will help you a lot in preventing the Ransomware or malwares from entering your system but will not give a full proof protection. A reputed internet security solution is necessary for providing additional security to your data.