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A brief about Ransomware and how to combat this evil?
A brief about Ransomware and how to combat this evil?

We all know, how viral ransomware and its effect has gone, which makes us think twice before opening any spam emails or any malicious files. As soon as we click them, the ransomware blocks our access to our files, and we can never get them back until we pay them hefty amounts of money. This is happening on a larger scale also because, many people have started using technologies, without acquiring the theoretical know about of the after-effects. So, let me inform you with some general details of what this haul is all about. Ransomware, we know, is malware, which can be of two types:

All this payment is demanded in the form of bitcoins, where each bitcoin cost 42405.29 Indian Rupees. So, unless you have the ransom, these malicious attackers demand, prevention is the only judicious option. So, check out the following 18 ransomware protection tips, so that you never have to face the disgust of losing your personal data:

If you can practice the majority of the precautions as mentioned above and get a good antivirus, then you will never have to encounter such illegitimate attacks by Ransomware. Stay safe and use the technology wisely!