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Infostealer is a Trojan Horse and an illicit application that has some specific unwanted goals which can be dangerous for your PC. Somehow, it enters into the system undetected and manages to play various harmful activities in the background which can result in the low performance of the PC. It is used to accumulate the confidential information of the infected computer. It includes the information of email accounts, credit cards, bank accounts, and other beneficial information which can be used for illegal purposes.

Sr.No Name Type
1 6b13b3131c569ef5a6c596e6acef4046.exe UnSpecified

How Infostealer Trojan Infiltrates into Your System:

Generally, the Infostealer Trojan infiltrates just like the Trojan horse infection; it comes bundled with the freeware or get itself attached to the unwanted websites. Usually, there are numerous ways by which the Infostealer Trojan enters into to your PC. Below are some of them:

However, it also opens the backdoor to your computer for the malicious programs to enter onto the system and provide access to hackers. Therefore, hackers can steal your private information like personal details, confidential documents and more.

Harmful Effects of the Infostealer Trojan:

There are endless harmful effects of the Infostealer Trojan but below are a few and the most common ones.

How to remove the Trojan.Infostealer Manually:

Remove Computer Worms Using Sniper Antivirus:

  1. Download Free Antivirus for Windows XP,7,8,8.1 and 10.
  2. Install the exe file on your system.
  3. Full Scan your Computer.
  4. Once the scan is finished, you’ll get the message “scan is complete”. Click OK button to get the results.
  5. Then Delete the threat from table.

Below guidance will help you to get rid of the Trojan.Infostealer and other associated malware programs-

Follow the below steps to delete Trojan.Infostealer from Registry:-

Follow the below steps to get rid of Trojan.Infostealer from Task Manager:-

Below are the steps to remove Trojan.Infostealer from Control Panel:-

Remove the Trojan.Infostealer from Web Search Engines:

1. From Google Chrome-

2. From Mozilla Firefox-

3. From the Internet Explorer-

Hope, the above Trojan.Infostealer removal guide will help you to kick out this harmful virus from your PC. But, before proceeding with the same, we suggest you to backup your computer data.